Treatment of Fibromyalgia (Complementary)

Chronic Fatigue GOLDEN RULES

Self Management

People with Fibromyalgia, benefit from physiotherapy & learning pain Management & coping techniques and from properly balancing rest & activity.
Arthritis ¬†Ireland provide learning skills & self-management programmes, “Living well with Arthritis” is their most popular course, and many of our members found it most helpful.
“Breaking the pain cycle”, “Fit for work with Arthritis” Programmes are also available.
Visit for further details on programmes near you.

Complementary Therapies
These therapies work well alongside conventional medicine & treatments.
They concentrate on treating the whole body, examples include accupuncture, aromatherapy, & reflexology.

Gentle excercise, you are comfortable with, gentle walks, if you can regularly
Some people prefer swimming, listen to your body, and aim for gentle excercise daily


Enjoy a healthy balanced diet, some herbs are known to help. Tumeric daily is considered as powerful as difene.

There are many resources on-line detailing natural therapies & foods that can help fibromyalgia

Always discuss your medications with a good health store advisor/ Your Pharmacy

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