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Cork Fibromyalgia Support Group Members Take part in Evening Echo Ladies Mini Marathon to raise funds for Cork Arthritis Group

Cork Fibromyalgia Support Group Members Take part in Evening Echo Ladies Mini Marathon to raise funds for Cork Arthritis Group

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As a young child, I can distinctively remember suffering from horrendous “Growing Pains”, as a young teen I remember continuously feeling unwell, “coming down with something”, swollen glands more often than not, always feeling so very tired, in comparison to my peers, there was always “something”!!
Then, I suffered a bout of Glandular Fever, in 1995, & being honest, I never came right after that, as bad as I had been prior to Glandular Fever, afterwards, I only had to walk into a room where somebody sick had been & I would have it hours later, It was just accepted, this is how how was, “prone” to infection, despite an excellent healthy diet, very fit, and young, I was never 100%.

I fought on, & my health settled, I was very involved in sport, & living a normal young girls life as much as I could.

In 2003, my health nose-dived, & I was a very familiar face at my G.P’s, “I’m so tired, I’m so sore, I’m in agony, my glands are swollen, I don’t feel right”, the continuous circle of symtoms that came out of my mouth, blood tests, clear, “You are run down”
I developed Psoriasis, something I never had prior to this, and I put it down to stress, I was feeling miserable, & trying to keep going with my job & all other everyday normal living.
In 2004, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis…. well this explained the womb/tummy pain at least.

As years went by, the pain all over my body, & joints continued to get worse, again, all blood tests were clear, I developed terrible IBS, & at this point, I was spending most of my time indoors, and in bed.  With a strong family history of Fibromyalgia, my Gp suspected I also had this condition.

In 2010, I had a colonoscopy & it was this consultant who suggested that I may have Fibromyalgia, I was referred
to a Rheumathologist who agreed I was suffering from Fibromyalgia. I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed.
I did feel lost, & isolated, with no one my own age to talk to, as it is such an invisible illness, I looked completely fine, healthy, but my God, I was in so much pain, & struggling to stay upright!
I was so relieved to be diagnosed, but it didnt explain the excruciating pain in my joints.
In 2012, I was also diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

I am very very lucky, that I have two fantastic G.Ps who listened to me, & ALWAYS listened to me & believed me. They worked with me, they took on board what I thought, what my ideas were.

I do think that the top priority for Anyone, is to have a good relationship with your medical team.

I am alot better than what I was, I get times where I am bedbound, but it doesn’t last as long as it did before I started treatment.  I think the biggest thing that has helped me is acceptance, and learning how to pace myself.  Also everyone on the Facebook Closed Private Group keeps me going, I can talk with them every day, there is always someone there to help, give advice, or cheer you up if I am having a great day.  I consider each and everyone of them great friends.

If you are newly diagnosed, please do not isolate yourself, if you do not feel comfortable talking about Fibromyalgia & all that comes with it, with your family/friends, join your support group or facebook page.  You will soon learn that what you are feeling is very real, and You are NOT Alone