Update on Appealing Your Versatis Application with your G.P

Helen, Kathleen, Mary & Regina are representing Cork Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Support Group & are part of the Admin Team with Patch Us Back Up since January.  We are placing as much of our resources as possible into this Fight, as it affects all members who suffer from Chronic pain.  At a recent meeting, it was agreed that this would be our main project with Cork Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Support Group for the coming year.  We are honoured to be part of Patch Us Back Up & feel it is a very important fight, to help ensure that resources/ facilities within the Health System are improved for Chronic Pain Patients, as well as fighting that no more of our medications needed to help us Living with Chronic Pain are affected.  We will not stand back and allow the vulnerable to be targeted.  We are fighting on behalf of all our members & those living with Chronic Pain.

Regards Helen, Kathleen, Mary & Regina – Cork Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Support Group


*** Official Announcement ***

In response to feedback received by Prof. Michael Barry, since April 1st, 2018 there has been numeral adjustments made to the online reimbursement system for the Versatis 5% Lidocaine Medicated Plasters. These changes were introduced in order to reduce the load on GP’s and facilitate hospital prescribers. The changes are as follows:

🔸It will be no longer mandatory for your GP to submit an application as all clinicians, once user registered with the PCRS, will be authorised to apply for reimbursement.

🔸All patient, including those with PHN (Post-Herpetic Neuralgia), will still need to be reviewed and approved by the MMP (Medicines Management Programme) prior to treatment. The current automatic approval for patients who receives antiviral treatment will no longer apply.

🔸Once approved for reimbursement from the MMP there will be no expiry on the duration of treatment, irrespective of the patients indication. As a result, applications will not need to be re-submitted. This also applies for currently approved applications to date, your clinician will just need to renew your prescription.

🔸In the event of an application being refused, an appeal can be sent directly by the clinician to the MMP at the following email: An appeal can also from the clinician via post to the following address: Professor Michael Barry, National Clinical Lead, Medicines Management Programme, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, St. James Hospital, Dublin 8.

🔸It is also extremely important that all additional information which supports the use of Versatis is submitted in order to assess the unmet clinical need and also to ensure an informed decision.

Although this is progress we have so much more to secure. Changing the appeals process, tick box for neuropathic pain, but we will still be looking for the GP & Pain Specialist to go back to prescribing with outlines to people suffering with PNP. We also want people seen far sooner in pain clinics.

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