Patch Us Back Up Versatis – Postcard Campaign

Patch Us Back Up ~ #Versatis PostCard Campaign in conjunction with Sinn Fein Ireland

Our Postcard Campaign, requesting the Govt. to reinstate #versatis for ALL, was officially launched yesterday.
The FIRST person in IRELAND to sign a Postcard was Mary Lou McDonald.

We will be out in shopping centres across Ireland to get a target of 40000 cards signed by the Public & will be having a Peaceful Protest at The Dáil on May 30th, as well as meeting with the Health Commitee & hopefully Simon Harris. cards are also available to sign at local Sinn Fein offices.  Both Helen (Chairperson), Kathleen (Secretary) & Mary (P.R & Finance), Committee Members of Cork Fibromyalgia Support Group are part of the Admin & Moderators Team with Patch Us Back Up Ireland.  They are fighting hard for all Cork Members & Patients all over Ireland to ensure Versatis Patches are restored for all Chronic Pain Patients & are also fighting hard against the future removal of vital medications needed by Our Members to get by day to day.

On May 30th, Helen, Mary & Kathleen, will attend The Dail, for a peaceful Protest, They will also make a presentation to The Health Committee, & it is hoped that We will also speak with Minister for Health Simon Harris. They have been working hard on the Patch Us Back Up Campaign since January, & have greatly exposed the plight of Living with Fibromyalgia, & Chronic Pain conditions on various media outlets over the last few months.  They have spoken numerous times on PJ Coogan 96fm, We thank P.J & Deirdre, for their continued support towards our campaign, Helen spoke to Joe Duffy on Liveline, was interviewed by & Evening Echo, as well as C103fm.  Helen also appeared alongside Dr. Hegarty Pain Specialist on RTE’s Maura & Daithi Show, and gave a great insight into living with Fibromyalgia.
Over the past 3 months, Chronic Pain has been given a fantastic media forum, & for the first time in a long long time, Chronic Pain is in the Public Domaine. #patchusbackup#versatis Patch Us Back Up Patch Us Back Up #Versatis

Members have been busy knitting patches, The patches depict
Versatis Patches lost by so many,  These have been sewn together to make beautiful blankets, which will be on display at The Dail, & will later be donated to various worthy causes. Visit this link to see some of the great work

Please visit
to stay up to date on the Campaign.

We will be joining local Sinn Fein T.D’s & Representatives, in various locations (shopping centres) around Cork & Ireland in the coming weeks, to meet with the General Public, in order to sign as many Postcards as possible, We have 40000 Postcards to get signed nationally.  These will be presented to The Health Committee & Minister Simon Harris on May 30th.

If you can HELP, please contact Helen, Kathleen or Mary on our closed Facebook Group.

If you would be in a position to attend our peaceful protest outside the Dail on May 30th, Please contact us, should you require help with Transport / Train Cost, please Contact us.  We would love to have a great Gang from Cork in attendance.

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